Image Analysis Instrumentation

Leica SCN400F

The Leica SCN400F slide scanner combines high-throughput slide scanning and multi-channel fluorescence imaging on a single platform in the new age of digital pathology. With the ability to bring fluorescence out of the darkroom, produce excellent image quality and archive without bleaching, as well as a rapid review interface through an online Webviewer, the Leica SCN400F is an extremely versatile machine.

Description from Leica Biosystems.


Vectra II

The Vectra Multispectral System combines high-throughput automated slide-handling and multispectral imaging technology to extract proteomic and morphometric information from intact tissue sections and tissue microarrays (TMAs). Through the separation of multiple colors in the same subcellular locations, the instrument can be used to visualize protein co-localization, multiplex RNA expression and multicolor FISH in formalin-fixed tissues in the brightfield and fluorescent wavelength range.  

Description from PerkinElmer®.