Biobank Services


  • Routine tissue collection
  • Routine blood collection
  • Routine urine collection
  • Protocol-based tissue collection
  • Protocol-based blood collection
  • Live cryo-preservation tissue
  • Live cryo-preservation blood

Data Services

  • Level I data related to tissue collection, storage
    and distribution
  • Level II pathology report information
  • Level III clinical follow-up, disease progression
  • Level IV clinical follow-up, treatment data

Pathology, Ancillary & Tissue MicroArray Services

  • Tissue processing and embedding in paraffin
  • Archival block/slide retrieval
  • Review of case for block identification by research pathologist
  • Staff pathologist review/consult
  • Tissue digestion for cell culture
  • Case identification of 60-120 cases and TMA construction
  • 10 case TMA with blocks preselected
  • TMA slide from Cedars-Sinai TMA
  • Staining of TMA slide (antibody provided by lab)
  • Staining of TMA slide (antibody provided by core)
  • TMA slide and staining with one antibody
  • Special tissue prep (filters, cytospins)


Tissue Staining Service

  • Unstained section (from paraffin block)
  • H&E slide (from paraffin block)
  • Unstained section (frozen section)
  • H&E slide (frozen section)
  • Special stains
  • IHC stains 1 antibody
  • IHC stains 2 + antibodies
  • Antibody titering (1 antibody)
  • IHC workup – level I
  • IHC workup—level II

Image Services

  • Slide Scanner Leica SCN400
  • Vectra Slide Scanner
  • Professional support level I
  • Professional support level II
  • Research pathology

EM Services

  • EM lab processing
  • EM lab stained slide/grid


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