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Data Retrieval (LIMS) & Service Submission

Next Generation Sequencing Applications and Services

See below for Cedars-Sinai (internal) pricing. For external pricing, please contact us at All RNAseq services are single-end sequencing.

 The Genomics Core offers regular sequencing services through Laragen a local company based in Culver city at a discounted rate. 1-2 day service turnaround.


  • $3.75/ sample (premixed) if less than 48 samples
  • $3.50/sample if more than 48 samples

Sample Submission

  1. Register samples on line at
  2. Use code CSGC2011 (Cedars-Sinai Genomics Core) for discount
  3. Drop off on the 5th floor of Davis

Data Analysis
The Genomics Core has several bioinformatic tools for analyzing chromatogram files and raw data. It is available from the LIMs website.


Whole Genome Methylation

Researchers can interrogate > 485,000 methylation sites per human sample at single-nucleotide resolution. Content was selected with the guidance of a consortium of methylation experts comprising 22 members that represent 19 institutions worldwide. It covers 99% of RefSeq genes, with an average of 17 CpG sites per gene region distributed across the promoter, 5'UTR, first exon, gene body, and 3'UTR. It covers 96% of CpG islands, with additional coverage in island shores and the regions flanking them. Further content categories requested by the Consortium include:

  • CpG sites outside of CpG islands
  • Non-CpG methylated sites identified in human stem cells
  • Differentially methylated sites identified in tumor versus normal (multiple forms of cancer) and across several tissue types
  • CpG islands outside of coding regions
  • miRNA promoter regions



Amplicon Resequencing

We offer Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panels and Inherited Disease Panels, and custom-targeted panels.


Copy Number and Genotyping

Illumina or Affymetrix genotyping estimate copy number variances or consanguinity.


Bioinformatics and Analysis

We use a standard pipeline for every experiment. Advanced bioinformatics can be requested as a separate service for heat maps, 3D PCAs, pathway analysis, etc.



Custom projects are always welcome. The model for custom projects will be determined by time and effort involved, as well as the impact of the project on the scientific community at Cedars-Sinai.

See below for a list of services currently available at the Genomics Core. You can contact us for assistance.





The Genomics Core is proud to offer qPCR at nanoliter volumes. This enables single-cell gene expression analysis and extremely cost-effective validation experiments, as low as $0.14 per reaction.





The Genomics Core recommends that users sonicate their own samples to their specifications. Please e-mail us at to reserve time to use the sonicator.

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