New User Information

New Studies

IRB- and IACUC-approved projects usually require 1-2 weeks for project initiation at the Imaging Core, with longer start times required for more complex imaging protocols or workflows. For each new project, follow the steps below:


1. Consultation: The investigator contacts the applicable technical director(s) to discuss the proposed project, protocol feasibility and any special needs. If the study involves animal subjects, discussions with Comparative Medicine are initiated at this time.


2. IRB/IACUC Approval: If not yet submitted, the study is submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human studies, or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for animal studies. All imaging, including pilot studies, will only be performed under an approved IRB or IACUC protocol.


3. Application Form: The investigator completes an RIC Project Application Form and submits it by email to The application will be reviewed and the investigator will be contacted if there are any concerns regarding the imaging protocol or feasibility.


4. Safety Training: All study staff entering the Imaging Core are required to undergo mandatory safety training prior to starting the project (see below for details).


5. Documentation: The following documents must be submitted to the operations manager prior to starting the project:

  • For human studies: IRB approval letter, approved informed consent form and HIPAA form
  • For animal studies: Completed IACUC application form with all affiliate files


6. Kickoff Meeting: Depending on the study, a brief kickoff meeting may be scheduled prior to the start of the study to review the finalized workflow with all related parties.

Once a study has been initiated, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator to inform the Imaging Core of changes to any of the following by emailing

  • IRB or IACUC approval letter
  • Protocol amendments
  • IRB/IACUC continuations
  • Scheduling needs (assigned time slots)
  • Billing account number (project ID)
  • Study closure


Safety Training

The following safety training is required for users requesting badge access to the Imaging Core facility. Items #1 and #2 below are required for all users. Item #3 is also required for users handling radioactive materials andfor subjects in the Imaging Core.

1. HealthStream Course "Cedars-Sinai: MRI Safety"

  • Required for all users
  • 35-minute online training and quiz
  • Search for course in HealthStream catalog (internal link)
  • Save a copy of the completion certificate


2. Imaging Core MRI Safety Training and Tour

  • Required for all users
  • 45-minute video and tour
  • Held at 2 p.m. on the first and third Friday of every month
  • Meet in the Imaging Core Conference Room (Davis G-140)
  • Must RSVP in advance
  • Contact: Zhaoyang Fan, PhD, at


3. Radiation/Laboratory Safety Training

  • Required for users handling radioactive materials and for subjects in the Imaging Core only
  • Contact: Safety Office at x34336


Please contact Johanna Kim, Operations Manager, at 310-248-8680 or, if you have any questions or need any assistance.