Selected resources the Division of Informatics can provide include:

  • Consultation for potential or funded grants to discuss which informatics resources may be available and which would require grant funding
  • Lectures targeted to researchers and trainees covering the following topics:
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Introduction to informatics
  • Clinical decision support
  • Medical errors and patient safety
  • Electronic communication of patient care information across care settings
  • Patient portals and patient-generated data, including OpenNotes, biosensors and patient- reported outcomes
  • Accessing and analyzing CS-Link data for patient care, population health, quality improvement and research
  • Research Informatics
  • Multi-institutional cohort identification tools
  • Compliance and security requirements for research data
  • High performance computing overview
  • REDCap overview
  • Advanced CS-Link Training
  • Day in the life of an inpatient physician — admission
  • Day in the life of an inpatient physician — rounding
  • Day in the life of an inpatient physician — discharge/transfer
  • Documentation and Haiku
  • Personalization party

To schedule a consultation or lecture, please email