What is the turnaround time for vector production?

For lenti vector, the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (for one-step cloning custom vector production, 3-4 weeks turnaround time).

For adeno vector, standard viral amplification is two months from the commencement of production. Custom adeno vector cloning, DNA transfection and viral amplification with gene provided is 3-4 months from the commencement of production, and without gene provided is 4-5 months.


What is the typical vector yield?

For 8 plate lenti vector, the anticipated yield is 1e6-1e8 per milliliter. The yield may be influenced by plasmid quality and the nature of inserts (larger size/toxic).

For the first generation adeno vector, the yield is ranging from 1e9 to 1e12 per milliliter.


What is the acceptable insert size?

Maximum insert size for lenti vector is <4 kb (including promoter, gene, polyA).

Maximum insert size for first gen adeno vector is 7.5 kb (including promoter, gene, polyA).

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