Lenti vector

For standard lenti production, we require a total of 100 microgram vector plasmid DNA at a concentration of 0.5 microgram per microliter. We recommend plasmid purification done by anion-exchange-column or cesium chloride gradients. A 260/280 nm absorbance ratio of 1.8 is required for optimum viral vector production.  Researchers also have the option of providing bacterial stocks of the vector plasmid, for plasmid purification done by VVC staff (a separate fee may apply).

For custom lenti production, the researcher provides the gene or DNA to be cloned into a lenti vector plasmid. Please discuss with VVC staff.


First generation adeno vector

For amplifying adeno vector, the investigator provides a seed viral stock at a titer ranging from 1e6 to 1e12 in a 10-100 microliter volume.

For custom adeno production, the researcher provides the gene template. VVC will clone the template into the appropriate shuttle vector system.  Please discuss with VVC staff.

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