Vaithi Arumugaswami, MVSc, PhD

Weidong Xiong, MD, MSc
Project Scientist

Dr. Xiong is a project scientist at the Viral Vector Core in the Regenerative Medicine Institute. Dr. Xiong previously served as a postdoctoral research associate at the Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy Unit of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, then as a research scientist at the Gene Therapeutic Research Institute at Cedars-Sinai. Dr. Xiong received his medical degree from Henan Medical University. After practicing general medicine and cardiology for eight years in the first teaching hospital of Henan Medical University, Dr. Xiong joined the National Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Genetic Engineering, Institute of Virology, in Beijing for his master’s degree in the area of molecular biology. Dr. Xiong has a great deal of experience in using molecular biology to overcome complex technical challenges, such as developing a new generation of viral vectors with decreased immunogenicity as well as inducible expression of multiple transgenes.  Most recently Dr. Xiong was tasked to develop an adenoviral vector that would target receptors on glioma cells for the delivery of the pseudomonas exotoxin. The vector has been tested in preclinical models of disease with impressive survival and specificity. Currently, Dr. Xiong focuses on production of viral vectors, including lenti viral vectors and first generation and third generation adenoviruses, to provide preclinical grade, ready-to-use viral vectors to the Cedars-Sinai research community. Dr. Xiong’s research involves development of viral vectors for gene transfer and vaccine applications.

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