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Selected Key Publications

Shouhed D, Blocker R, Gangi A, Ley E, Blaha J, Gewertz B, Wiegmann D, Starnes B, Karl C, Karl R, Margulies D, Catchpole K. Flow disruptions during trauma care. [Submitted to Annals of Surgery]

Blocker R, Shouhed D, Gangi A, Ley E, Blaha J, Gewertz B, Wiegmann D, Catchpole K. Barriers to trauma care associated with CT scanningJournal of the American College of Surgeons. [Accepted 28 March 2013]

Catchpole K. Spreading human factors expertise in healthcare: Untangling the knots in people and systems. BMJ Quality and Safety. [Accepted 23 March 2013]

Catchpole K. Toward the modelling of safety behaviour in healthcare systems. BMJ Quality and Safety.[Accepted 23 March 2013]

Catchpole K, Gangi A, Blocker R, Ley E, Blaha J, Gewertz B, Wiegmann D. Flow disruptions in trauma care handoffs. Journal of Surgical Research. [Accepted 19 Feb 2013]

Gordon M, Catchpole K, Baker P. A human factors perspective on recent medical graduates' prescribing behaviour: Implications for educatorsAdvances in Medical Education and Practice. 2013;(4):1–9.

Catchpole K. Improving performance through human-centred reconfiguration of existing designs. BMJ Quality and Safety. 4 Dec 2012 (online ahead of print). doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2012-001677.

Shouhed D, Gewertz B, Wiegmann D, Catchpole K. Integrating human factors research and surgery: A review. Archives of Surgery. 2012;147(12):1141-1146. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2013.596.

Catchpole K, Wiegmann D. Understanding safety and performance in the cardiac operating room: From 'sharp end' to 'blunt end'. BMJ Quality and Safety.2012;21(10): 807-809.

Catchpole K. Task, team and technology integration in the paediatric cardiac operating room. Progress in Pediatric Cardiology. 2011;32(2):85-88.

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