Lab Members

Rashmi Bankoti, PhD

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Bankoti received her PhD from the University of Vienna, Austria in 2008. Before joining the Martins Laboratory, Bankoti was a post doc in Simona Stäger’s Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, where she studied the role of marginal zone B cells on CD8+ T cell responses in Leishmania donovani infection. Bankoti joined the Martins Laboratory in 2011 where she is investigating the role of Blimp-1 in regulating T cell function in the intestinal mucosa.

Marisel Sanchez

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Sanchez obtained her BS degree at the University of Puerto Rico. She attended a post-baccalaureate program at Duke University before joining the Cedars-Sinai Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Her thesis project investigates the question of why S. aureus does not induce a protective adaptive immune response to reinfection. Sanchez's PhD thesis work is co-mentored by George Liu, MD, PhD and Gislâine Martins, PhD.

Michael Couse

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Couse earned his BS degree in 2011 from University of California, Santa Barbara, where he majored in microbiology. In the same year, Couse joined the Martins Laboratory, where he works on multiple laboratory projects, including the role of inflammatory cytokines in chronic intestinal inflammation.
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