Research Areas

FYN in prostate cancer

FYN is one of the 9 Src-kinases that is particularly upregulated in prostate cancer. Our studies to date have shown that Fyn appears to regulate growth, but to a great extent it appears to regulate directional movement; our lab continues to investigate the means through which this regulation occurs. We are attempting to develop therapies based on FYN inhibition in prostate cancer.


Biology of circulating tumor cells (CTCs)

CTCs are tumor cells shed into the circulation from primary or metastatic tumors. We suspect these cells contain valuable information on the underlying malignant process, and we have been working in collaboration with other scientists to understand this biology. To this end, we have imported next-generation isolation techniques for live CTCs and are employing the latest molecular characterization tools to identify genetic and proteomic information in these cells that may guide therapeutic decision-making.

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