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Selected Key Publications

Jen-Ming Huang, Izumi Nagatomo, Emi Suzuki, Takako Mizuno, Toru Kumagai, Alan Berezov, Hongtao Zhang, Beth Karlan, Mark I. Greene, and Qiang Wang. YAP modifies cancer cell sensitivity to EGFR and survivin inhibitors and is negatively regulated by the non-receptor type protein tyrosine phosphatase 14. Oncogene; (2012) Advance online publication 11 June 2012; doi: 10.1038/onc.2012.231.

Xiaomin Song, Bin Li, Yan Xiao, Chunxia Chen, Qiang Wang, Yujie Liu, Alan Berezov, Chen Xu, Yayi Gao, Zhiyuan Li, Shiaw-Lin Wu, Zheng Cai, Hongtao Zhang, Barry L. Karger, Wayne W. Hancock, Andrew D. Wells, Zhaocai Zhou, and Mark I. Greene. Structural and Biological Features of FOXP3 Dimerization Relevant to Regulatory T Cell Function. Cell Reports, (2012)
Advance online publication 14 June 2012;doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2012.04.012.

Zhaocai Zhou, Xiulian Du, Zheng Cai, Xiaomin Song, Hongtao Zhang, Takako Mizuno, Emi Suzuki, Marla Rosanne Yee, Alan Berezov, Ramachandran Murali, Shiaw-Lin Wu , Barry L. Karger, Ramachandran Murali, Mark I. Greene, and Qiang Wang. Structure of the SUN domain defines features of a molecular bridge in the nuclear envelope. Journal of Biological Chemistry; VOL. 287, NO. 8, 5317–5326, (2012).

Alan Berezov, Jaclyn A. Freudenberg, Zheng Cai, Hongtao Zhang, Thornton Thompson, Ramachandran Murali, Mark I. Greene and Qiang Wang.
Disabling the mitotic spindle and tumor growth by targeting a cavity-induced allosteric site of survivin
. Oncogene; 31, 1938–1948 (2012).

Arthur B McKie, Sebastian Vaughan, Elisa Zanini, Imoh Okon, Louay Louis, Camila de Sousa, Mark I. Greene, Qiang Wang, Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Joshua LC Wong, Hatice Gungor, Mona El-Bahrawy, Eric W-F Lam, Naomi E Chayen and Hani Gabra. The OPCML Tumor Suppressor Functions as a Cell Surface Repressor-Adaptor, Negatively Regulating Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer with Therapeutic Implications. Cancer Discovery; 2:156-171. (2012).

Geng Zhang, Hongtao Zhang, Qiang Wang, Priti Lal, Ann Carroll, Margarita de la Llera-Moya, George Xu and Mark I. Greene. Suppression of human prostate tumor growth by a unique prostate-specific monoclonal antibody F77 targeting a glycolipid marker. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol 107(2): 732-737, (2010).    

Qingdu Liu, Yoshihiko Hirohashi, Mark I. Greene and Qiang Wang. Nek2 targets the mitotic checkpoint proteins Mad2 and Cdc20. Experimental and Molecular Pathology. Vol 88(2): 225-233 (2010).

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