Xiuqing Guo, PhD

Director, Statistical Genetics

Phone:(310) 423-3192
Fax:(310) 423-0237

Institute Affiliation

Medical Genetics Research Institute

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Awards and Activities

American Statistical Association1995
International Genetic Epidemiology Society1997
Royal Statistical Association1998 - 2001
American Society of Human Genetics1998
American Society of Diabetes2001

Research Focus

Develop novel statistical methods for genetic studies, such as methods for genome wide association studies. Applying statistical methods to the identification of genes responsible for diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and autism. Develop and maintain research databases.

Research Contributions

Developed two-stage global search designs for linkage studies that are well recognized and a software program based on these designs were developed and is public available. Developed two novel statistical methods: Iterative Bayesian Variable Selection and Bayesian Classification with Singular Value Decomposition for analyzing genome wide association data when sample size is much smaller than the number of markers. Reported research findings on linkage signals and candidate gene associations for quantitative traits related to insulin resistance, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

Current investigations include:

Novel statistical methods for genetic studies. Gene identification studies for complex diseases.

Selected Publications

  1. Kwon S, Wang D, Guo X: Application of an iterative Bayesian variable selection method in a genome-wide association study of rheumatoid arthritis. BMC proceedings, 1 Suppl 1: S109, 2007
  2. Mei L, Li X, Yang K, Cui J, Fang B, Guo X, Rotter JI: Evaluating gene x gene and gene x smoking interaction in rheumatoid arthritis using candidate genes in GAW15. BMC proceedings, 1 Suppl 1: S17, 2007
  3. Guo X, Saad MF, Langefeld CD, Williams AH, Cui J, Taylor KD, Norris JM, Jinagouda S, Darwin CH, Mitchell BD, Bergman RN, Sutton B, Chen YD, Wagenknecht LE, Bowden DW, Rotter JI: Genome-wide linkage of plasma adiponectin reveals a major locus on chromosome 3q distinct from the adiponectin structural gene: the IRAS family study. Diabetes, 55(6): 1723-30, 2006
  4. Guo X, Cui J, Wagenknecht LE, Norris JM, Haffner SM, Darwin C, Jinagouda S, Rotter JI, Saad MF: Cosegregation of albuminuria and blood pressure: the Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis (IRAS) family study. Am. J. Hypertens., 18(6): 823-7, 2005
  5. Guo X, Cheng S, Taylor KD, Cui J, Hughes R, Quiñones MJ, Bulnes-Enriquez I, De la Rosa R, Aurea G, Yang H, Hsueh W, Rotter JI: Hypertension genes are genetic markers for insulin sensitivity and resistance. Hypertension, 45(4): 799-803, 2005
  6. Guo X, Olson JM, Elston RC, Niu T: The linkage information content value of polymorphism genetic markers in model-free linkage analysis. Hum. Hered., 53(1): 45-8, 2002
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