Artists in the Collection

At Cedars-Sinai, we are passionate about the idea of filling the hospital with great art, to increase the growing awareness of the link between art and healing. We currently have more than 1,200 artists represented in our notable collection. Below is a short list of some of the artists whose work has been proudly displayed for our patients, their family members and our staff to enjoy.

If interested in donating art to our collection, please call 323-866-7798 or email

Africano, Nicolas
Agam, Yaacov
Albers, Josef
Albert, F.
Albuquerque, Lita
Alexander, Peter
Altoon, John
Appel, Karel
Arneson, Robert
Arnoldi, Charles
Asoma, Tadashi
Atkins, Chet
Baertling, Olle
Bell, Larry
Bengston, Billy Al
Benton, Fletcher
Blossfeldt, Karl
Borofsky, Jonathan
Briggs, Ernest
Burkhardt, Hans
Calder, Alexander
Chagall, Marc
Cocteau, Jean
Cohen, Bruce
Cooper, Ron
Cottingham, Robert
Dali, Salvador
Davis, Ronald
Davy, Woods
de Kooning, Willem Sonnier
Diebenkorn, Richard
Dill, Guy
Dill, Laddie John

Dine, Jim
Ellwood, Craig
Ernst, Max
Fiskin, Judy
Francis, Sam
Frankenthaler, Helen
Gehry, Frank O.
Giacometti, Alberto
Harwood, June
Hawkinson, Tim
Holland, Tom
Herms, George
Howe, Brad
Hurrell, George
Ives, Norman
Johnston, Ynez
Jones, John Paul
Klee, Paul
L.A. Fine Arts Squad
Lichtenstein, Roy
Miro, Joan
Mitchell, Joan
Mullican, Lee
Nauman, Bruce
Nesbitt, Lowell
Noland, Ken
Okulick, John
Oldenburg, Claes
Pashgian, Helen
Pettibon, Raymond
Picasso, Pablo
Price, Ken

Ramos, Mel
Rauschenberg, Robert
Reese, Jeff
Rivers, Larry
Rosenquist, James
Ruscha, Edward
Saban, Analia
Saff, Donald
Schoonhoven, Terry
Shahn, Ben
Smith, Alexis
Stabile, Judy
Stella, Frank
Tamayo, Rufino
Teraoka, Masami
Thiebaud, Wayne
Thornycroft, Ann
Vasarely, Victor
Venard, Claude
Waisler, Lee
Waldron, Tom
Walker, Robert
Warhol, Andy
Wegman, William
Wiener, Leigh
Wiley, William T.
Williams, Guy
Wilson, Robert
Zox, Larry