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Researchers At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Demonstrate A New Way To Switch Therapeutic Genes On And Off

Novel Signaling System May Eventually Help Make Gene Therapies More Effective

Los Angeles - December 22, 2005 - A gene therapy research team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has developed a new method of signaling therapeutic genes to turn “off” or “on,” a mechanism that could enable scientists to fine-tune genetic- and stem cell-based therapies so that they are safer, more controllable and more effective.

Although other similar signaling systems have been developed, the Cedars-Sinai research is the first to give physicians the flexibility to arbitrarily turn the gene expression on or off even in the presence of an immune response to adenovirus,...

December 22, 2005  |  Read Full Story

News Releases

Minimally Invasive Surgery May Increase Options For Octogenarians With Some Lung Cancers

December 5, 2005  |  Read Full Story

Study Confirms That Stents Releasing Medication Help Keep Heart Bypass Vein Grafts Open

November 30, 2005  |  Read Full Story

Two Cedars-Sinai Physician Groups Named in Rankings of California Best For Patient Satisfaction, Preventive Care and Use of Technology

November 29, 2005  |  Read Full Story

Studies Show Apo A-I Milano Gene Transfer and Antibody Therapy Cut Atherosclerotic Plaque

November 16, 2005  |  Read Full Story

Leading Researchers From Israel and Southern California to Present Stem Cell Symposium

November 11, 2005  |  Read Full Story

IBS Study Shows That Targeted Antibiotics Lead to Long-Lasting Improvement in Symptoms

November 8, 2005  |  Read Full Story

Shortness of Breath Without Chest Pain Can Signify the Presence of High Risk Heart Disease

November 2, 2005  |  Read Full Story

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