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Once-Diabetic Heart/Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Recipient Enjoys Life (And Eating Again)

Los Angeles - Dec. 28, 2006 - At holiday dinners this year, Calabasas, Calif., resident Jim Stavis, 52, was able to eat the same pumpkin pie and special desserts everyone else had, not the sugar-free variety. And when dinner was over, he didn’t have to reach for his insulin pump to try to compensate. A pancreas transplant performed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in late October cured him of diabetes, which had controlled his life for 35 years.

Oh, and a heart and kidney transplant performed at the same place and same time the year before saved his life.

Only about eight...

December 28, 2006  |  Read Full Story

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Therapy Modulates Highly Sensitized Immune System To Let Mother Give Kidney To Daughter

December 20, 2006  |  Read Full Story

Living Liver Donor Who Saved Life Of Mother-In-Law Represents Cedars-Sinai In Rose Parade

December 18, 2006  |  Read Full Story

Cedars-Sinai Neurosurgeon Keith Black to Chair New Department

December 18, 2006  |  Read Full Story

Researchers Identify Genes That Allow Brain Cancer-Causing Stem Cells to Resist Treatment

December 14, 2006  |  Read Full Story

Options Improving For Patients with Acromegaly and Gigantism, Says Endocrinology Expert

December 14, 2006  |  Read Full Story

Gamma Knife Technology Now Available At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

November 28, 2006  |  Read Full Story

It Can Be a Hard Day's Night For Weight-Watchers on the Late Shift

November 7, 2006  |  Read Full Story

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