Spiritual Care Department

At Cedars-Sinai, we understand that healing involves the whole person – body, mind and soul.  For this reason, our Spiritual Care Department offers support to patients, their loved ones, and our staff.  Our professionally trained chaplains, representing a broad array of religious faiths and cultural backgrounds, function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.  At Cedars-Sinai we strive to match patients with a chaplain of their own religion, and when that is not possible our chaplains are trained to meet people wherever they are, and to support each person from within that person’s own religious tradition or belief system.

Chaplains spend time with patients and families, providing a compassionate, non-anxious, non-judgmental presence.  Chaplains listen deeply and help patients and families sort through their spiritual and emotional distress and questions.  At times chaplains may provide a spiritual perspective, prayer or blessing, if the patient or family so desires.  At other times the chaplain is involved with lifecycle events, holiday observances, healing rituals and celebrations.

Chaplains in the Spiritual Care Department can help with:

  • Empowering patients, families and staff to draw upon the strengths of their spiritual resources
  • Spiritual and emotional support in times of stress
  • Religious texts and spiritual literature
  • Religious rituals or sacraments
  • Ritual items for most faith traditions and spiritual practices
  • Prayer and blessings, if desired
  • Support with end-of-life issues
  • Support with grief, loss and bereavement for patients and family members
  • Contact and coordination with your own clergy and home congregation
  • Lifecycle events such as memorial services, baptisms, blessings and welcome rituals for new babies, weddings and commitment ceremonies
  • Reiki calming sessions

Spiritual Care works with the interdisciplinary team:

  • Spiritual assessment and interventions for healing
  • Support with end-of-life issues including assistance with preparing Advance Directives
  • Family support and participation at family-staff conferences
  • Assistance in interpreting patients’ cultural and spiritual needs to staff, including treatment preferences and restrictions, and community resources
  • Participation in ethics consultations
  • Our chaplains have been trained and certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) group crisis intervention, and participate in debriefing and diffusing sessions, arranged by Work & Life Matters, to support staff when they are acutely affected by traumatic stress.
  • Identify available resources in the community

Chapel Open to All

  • Our chapel is open 24 hours a day and available to persons of all faiths.
  • The chapel is centrally located on the Plaza Level, between the North and South Towers.
  • A variety of weekly programs and services.

Spiritual Support for Patients, Visitors and Staff

Patients may request visits with a Cedars-Sinai Chaplain of their choice at any time during their hospital stay. Spiritual counseling appointments may also be arranged with a patient’s visitors and staff members. Please call 310-423-5550 for assistance with any spiritual needs. The Spiritual Care Department can also assist with contacting community clergy of a particular faith or religion.

For More Information

For further details about religious and spiritual services and programs at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, please contact the Spiritual Care office at 310-423-5550 or visit our offices adjacent to the Chapel on the Plaza Level, between the North and South Towers.