Volunteer Services

Life-changing events happen every day at Cedars-Sinai. This includes becoming a volunteer. As a volunteer at Cedars-Sinai, you'll help to shape an important chapter in someone's life. You'll be providing comfort, assistance and hope — just by being there.

Magic happens when you volunteer. By giving to others through volunteering, you connect with your community, create friendships and bring support and meaning into your life. It's why, on any given day, we have more than 2,000 volunteers who stay with us an average of four years — and why the four years have a way of becoming a decade or two before anyone notices that time has elapsed.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Cedars-Sinai Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight - Emily Vance

Emily Vance began volunteering at Cedars-Sinai in spring 2012. Today, she makes her rounds at the medical center as a nurse, and she says her experience in two volunteer programs "really helped me find my path."

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Featured Program


POOCH Volunteers

Dogs and their owners provide a wide range of services at Cedars-Sinai, from gentle play to emotional support for patients. Animals can offer patients, families and staff love and acceptance unlike anything they might experience within human relationships.

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