Structured Programs

Our structured programs are designed to assist the volunteer in gaining exposure to a specific field of healthcare. Please read our requirements carefully before submitting your resume and statement of interest. Once accepted by a supervisor, you will be sent back to Volunteer Services to complete the application process, orientation, and health screening. You only may apply to one department:

COACH for Kids and Their Families®

Description: Volunteers provide clerical assistance in the office as well as support services on the COACH mobile medical units and at community sites. Services may include reading to children and participating in health-education activities. Please visit the COACH web page for more information.
Requirements: 18 and over.
Apply: Email resume and statement of interest to

Medical Genetics — Oncology

Description: For students who seek shadowing experience prior to applying for a genetic counseling graduate program. Volunteers will shadow a medical geneticist and genetic counselor in clinic, review charts and update patient family history under supervision. Minimum of 50 hours over a six-month period.
Requirements: Applicants must be over the age of 18 and interested in a career in genetic counseling.
Apply: Email resume and statement of interest to

Medical Library

Description: Reference projects, data curating, circulation work, archival projects, collection development and other assigned projects. The program provides 120 hours needed for graduation.
Requirements: Enrolled in a master's in Library Science program.
Apply: Email resume and statement of interest to

Performance Improvement

Description: Cedars-Sinai has embarked on a variety of projects aimed at improving clinical quality outcomes. Motivated students support the multifaceted needs of these projects. Students will assist in establishing actionable problem statements, collecting and analyzing data, working with members of clinical care teams to uncover root causes, and helping create data measurement tools and tests of change for these root causes.
Requirements: Currently enrolled in a master's program.
Apply: Email resume and statement of interest to

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Volunteer Program

Description: This volunteer opportunity is available for individuals who require observation hours to apply for a graduate program in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology. The program provides a maximum of 20 hours per volunteer and slots are limited.
Requirements: Applicants must be actively interested in pursuing a degree related to the rehabilitation fields listed above.
Apply: Email resume, statement of interest including deadline for completion of hours and schedule of availability to

Opportunities are also available in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation research and administration. This program exposes individuals within the department. Individuals must be pursuing a degree in healthcare. Time commitment is a minimum of 8 hours a week.
Apply: Email resume, statement of interest and schedule of availability to:

TEEN LINE Resource Associate

Description: For mental health interns seeking hours with teens. Opportunities include working with teens on our helpline and working in the field with teen outreach services.
Requirements: Current mental health intern seeking licensing hours. For information, visit the TEEN LINE website.
Apply: Email resume and statement of interest to