Eggehard Holler, PhD


Eggehard Holler, PhD, is a professor at Cedars-Sinai’s Neurosurgery Department.

Dr. Holler has extensive teaching experience, having presented university lectures in biochemistry, immunology, enzymology, enzyme mechanisms and enzyme kinetics.  His research focus has been in enzymology, enzyme kinetics, immunology, microbiology, drug mechanisms, estrogen receptor biochemistry, molecular biology, polymer-biochemistry, polymer-pharmacology, polymer conjugates and drug delivery. He has been the principal investigator on numerous research projects, with a current preference for research in the areas of cancer treatments and drug delivery, molecular cancer markers and the chemistry of nanoconjugates on polymalic acid basis.

Dr. Holler has written more than 150 articles, reviews and book chapters for national and international peer reviewed journals and has presented more than 50 abstracts. He has traveled as an invited lecturer and visiting scientist to numerous meetings and universities in the United States and abroad. In addition to his membership in several societies in Germany, Dr. Holler is a member of the American Society for Cancer Research and the International Physarum Group.

Dr. Holler earned his degree in chemistry at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, followed by a doctorate, summa cum laude, from the Department of Chemistry at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University. He followed this with postdoctoral work at Cornell University’s Biophysical Unit, the University of California, Berkeley’s Biodynamics Laboratory and served as a Helen Hay Whitney fellow.

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