Vacation Holiday Sick (VHS) and other time off

Employees accumulate hours in a VHS (Vacation, Holiday, Sick) account for vacations, holidays, short-term illness or any other personal needs. Accrual rates grow with years of service.

Eligible employees also earn up to six extended sick leave days per year for longer illnesses or hospitalization in a separate account. Eligible employees who lose members of their immediate family may take up to three days of paid bereavement leave.

There may be times when you need a longer leave from CSMC than you've accumulated in your VHS account, for instance, for FMLA, maternity leave or military leave. Leaves of absences are typically unpaid, but they allow you to return to Cedars-Sinai employment without benefit waiting periods or loss of vesting. Most leaves require a certain length of service before you're eligible (varies by leave type) and are subject federal or state laws and regulations.