What to look for in an employee assistance program

This checklist will help you compare your current EAP with Work & Life Matters. For more information, please call 800-319-8111.  Click here for the EAP Buyers Guide.


Work & LifeYour current EAP
1. Experience and Reputation: Is the EAP part of a large well-known organization and does the provider have extensive experience providing fully integrated work-life services? Is the organization able to provide access point for other specialized services such as Organizational Development or Executive Medical Services?
2. Utilization: The national average for EAPs is four to six percent. What is the provider’s utilization track-record, not only for single contract, but across various industries? High utilization conveys program credibility and trust by management and employees. 
3. Alignment: Does the EAP have a track record of engaging stakeholders, working to understand organizational culture and working with employees to support alignment with organizational goals?
4. Alliance: Does the EAP have a demonstrated track record of developing strategic alliances with stakeholders such as Human Resources, Employee Health/Occupational Health and Risk Management? Such collaboration is essential to protecting the organization’s investment in highly skilled, valued employees.
5. Leader Consultation: Do services support leader effectiveness and the continued development of leadership skills? Do services include Leader and HR consultation in the coordination of Fitness-For-Duty and Risk/Safety issues? 
6. Clinical Team: Does the EAP have a team of clinicians that operate collaboratively and from an understanding of the organization’s culture, or are employees served by independent contractors who are scattered throughout the city and who do not know much about the organization’s values or work environments?
7. Effectiveness: Does the program only survey the employees who access the services or does the program conduct a more comprehensive survey with the leaders who referred the employee to obtain a more objective assessment of employee’s progress in the workplace?  Is the impact of EAP intervention on work performance assessed? Taking this a step further: Does the EAP survey the leader to assess the extent to which the consultation increased their effectiveness as a leader? 
8. Unique Services: Does the program provide innovative, “high touch” services such as Career Counseling, Relocation Assistance, Parenting Consultations and customized Management and Staff Development Seminars?