Community Screening and Preventive Health Services

Community Health Screening and Preventive Health Services provides health education, screening and clinical preventive care services for seniors in several diverse communities. In partnership with public and private agencies, this program promotes health, assists in preventing disease and offers early detection.

In addition, health maintenance programs are designed to allow seniors to maintain independent living and manage such chronic conditions as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer.

More than 20,000 individuals each year participate in organized exercise programs, nutrition counseling, immunizations, injury prevention programs, an emergency response system, screening clinics, social gatherings, support groups and a lecture series on topics important to seniors.

Community health programs and screenings are provided in collaboration with the Department of Nursing Research and Development and the medical staff. Many other departments are actively involved. All services are provided on a volunteer basis by the healthcare team.

Sponsoring partners include many private community organizations, churches, synagogues, the American Stroke Association, the American Red Cross, the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.