Community Health Needs Assessment

Cedars-Sinai's wide-ranging efforts to improve the community’s health reflect a great deal of study and planning to determine how we can most effectively translate our commitment into action that will ensure a healthier future for those in greatest need.

What we do to strengthen our community is largely based on what we learn from a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) that is conducted every three years. This comprehensive study includes hundreds of community health indicators and demographic details that help us determine where and how we can make a difference. We gather input from individuals who represent the broad interests of the community we serve, in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of issues and needs.

We use this process to develop an Implementation Strategy that reflects the needs and geographic areas identified in the CHNA. We share the CHNA findings as well as our Implementation Strategy with our community partners and the public to support other efforts to increase access to vital health services and information.

Based on all this study and planning, Cedars-Sinai offers an extensive array of programs and services in collaboration with many community partners. Together, we are working to prevent and fight the most serious health issues facing the community.

You may view the 2013-2016 Community Health Needs Assesment and Implementation Strategy here:

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