Dental Screenings, Oral Health Education and Referrals

The giant toothbrushes and oversized sets of teeth draw giggles from the children and that's a good thing. By using creative props like these, COACH’s “Healthy Smiles” staff engage children and make it fun to learn how to brush their teeth properly. Our aim is to help prevent the most common chronic infectious disease of children: tooth decay.

Affecting a disproportionate number of low-income and minority children, tooth decay often goes untreated. Our registered dental hygienist and two community health assistants are working to change that by providing: prevention and early intervention through dental screenings, oral health education and referrals to free or low cost dental care.

Also, while Los Angeles County’s tap water is fluoridated, our surveys show that more than 90 percent of the children in our service area do not drink tap water. To help overcome that, in 2011 alone, we treated 5,000 children with fluoride varnishes that are shown to be effective against tooth decay.