Medical Services

When the COACH for Kids and Their Families® mobile medical unit arrives at a school, public housing development, homeless shelter or neighborhood facility, children and families that would otherwise lack any access to medical services receive high quality care from Cedars-Sinai staff.

Our hope is always to prevent disease whenever we can, so we provide physical examinations to uncover and treat emerging problems early, immunizations and screening tests for diseases like tuberculosis, as well as hearing and vision, blood lead, anemia, and developmental screenings.

Since COACH may be the only healthcare these children and families receive, we are equipped to treat all common illnesses, but also to spot what is uncommon. It is in these situations that the trusting relationships we build with families can be life-saving. Many times, we discover conditions that might have gone undiagnosed and untreated if a parent didn’t know us well enough to let a fussy child be examined or to talk about a minor problem that turned out to be a symptom of a major one.

We also dispense medications from our on-board pharmacy, improving continuity of care and recovery among those who do not have access to a pharmacy or cannot afford medications. And, when children have illnesses beyond the scope of our mobile clinic, we refer families to community agencies or to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.