Community Health and Educational Programs

Cedars-Sinai offers a variety of community health and educational programs on-site and in the community. For example, in local schools, senior centers, churches and synagogues.

Back Care Class

This class provides instruction about back problems and pain reduction techniques, posture awareness and body mechanics.

Community Clothing, Food and Toy Drives

These items are collected and donated to community members in need.

Community Educational Conferences

Cedars-Sinai offers free educational conferences to the community on various health topics and conditions, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Please contact the appropriate departments for more information.

Community Health Fairs

Throughout the year, Cedars-Sinai participates in health fairs in collaboration with other community organizations to provide health education and screening for disease. Please contact (310) 423-9581 for more information.

Community Health Lectures

Cedars-Sinai offers lectures to educate individuals on health-related topics, with an on-going series focused on senior health issues. Lectures are given by medical staff and are available to community, business, industry and service organizations. For more information, contact (310) 423-9581.

Healthy Habits Program

In fiscal year 2009, over 385 lessons on healthy eating were provided to elementary school children on an on-going basis throughout the school year. Cedars-Sinai outreached, through over 7,600 encounters, to schools mainly in low income neighborhoods of Mid-City, Koreatown and Hollywood. Each one-hour session is comprised of an educational activity, a hands-on activity and a physical activity. Through interactive educational opportunities, kids have fun as they learn about healthy behaviors. For more information, contact (323) 866-2970.

Heart Families Program

Heart Families volunteers help cardiac patients, and their families, who are undergoing procedures or heart surgery, by offering emotional support on a person-to-person basis, helping understand and better use medical and hospital services, serving as a liaison with other Medical Center staff. Please call (310) 423-8044 for more information.

Hospital and Morgue Program

Cedars-Sinai participates in a collaborative effort between Los Angeles Superior Courts and the County Coroner to educate young offenders on the consequences of risky behavior such as drinking under the influence (DUI) and reckless driving. Four hours are spent at the health center during which a trauma nurse teaches about the life-saving interventions involved in the care of trauma patients. The impact of injuries to the individual and others is discussed along with the financial costs. Participants tour the morgue, receive case presentations, and listen to a talk given by a guest speaker who was a victim of a drunk driver. Please call (323) 255-1571 for more information.

Maternity Services

Several free services offered by Cedars-Sinai for expectant parents include the Earlybird Pregnancy Program, the Labor Pain Relief Class and the Maternity Tour. Click here for further information on services available.

Run and Walk Events

Cedars-Sinai coordinates and participates in several run and walk events throughout the year to raise awareness of health issues, including cancer and heart disease. Please contact appropriate departments for information on their events.

Senior Programs

Cedars-Sinai offers several specialized programs for seniors, including exercise classes and health lectures. Click here for more information.

Women for Neighborhood Health Program (Pilot)

This program empowers women through education on health issues and leadership to help their communities fight the rise in diabetes and obesity. Please contact (323) 866-2971 for more information.