Elementary School Families

The Healthy Habits program is offered by Cedars-Sinai at several Mid-city Los Angeles elementary schools where at least 75 percent of the children are eligible for free or reduced-fee lunches. This program provides education and support to parents. Led by a Cedars-Sinai health educator, parents participate in free, 10-week workshops.

The ongoing partnerships between Cedars-Sinai, school and parents is a source of strength for the communities we support. Cedars-Sinai health educators are always available to work hands-on with the schools and parents to:

  • Create and sustain ongoing family exercise programs
  • Provide tools for schools and parents to plan healthy celebrations
  • Support patents in thinking about and taking action toward healthy habits as a community-wide commitment.

Please click here to read more about the innovative workshops and learning opportunities that are provided to help build healthy habits for families.