For Teachers

A key aspect of the Healthy Habits program includes equipping teachers with curriculum-based information and activities that reinforce learning. Cedars-Sinai health educators provide tools and training to plan healthy celebrations and building healthy classrooms.

Additionally, Cedars-Sinai offers Healthy Habits workshops for teachers and staff in support of the school's goal to move toward an overall healthier school environment. The goals of the teacher trainings are to reinforce the teachers' role in modeling healthy behaviors; and to promote and support the teachers' own health and well-being.

Typical responses from teachers about the influence the Healthy Habits program has had on their students are:    

"The Healthy Habits Program is an outstanding program that helps students with the tools and knowledge that they need to take control of their on health in positive ways."

"The students remembered most of the information taught. All students were able to participate."

Cedars-Sinai is committed to improving the health of our community. In our strategic efforts to combat childhood obesity, we seek to reduce the risks and impacts of obesity and physical inactivity and associated medical problems in underserved communities.