Senior Fitness

Our senior fitness programs average more than 15,000 encounters with older women and men each year and we’re continuing to find ways to help them enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Center Strutters

They walk and talk. And friendships form as participants in our Center Strutters program do laps around the Beverly Center. For two decades, our walk-for-fitness program has motivated seniors – some in their 90s – to exercise regularly. Involving about 300 seniors over the course of a year, with a core group of about 50 people who walk together several days a week, the Center Strutters put in a combined total of around 25,000 miles a year.

Senior Shape Up

For seniors who want to boost their activity level even more, our Senior Shape Up program provides a low-cost, low-impact aerobic exercise program specifically designed for those over 50. Led by a certified fitness instructor experienced in leading slow-paced workouts, more than 2,550 older adults participate in aerobic dancing, muscle toning and weight training performed to music from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties.