We are fortunate that so many people in the Los Angeles area and beyond share our passion for improving the health of our community. To help keep them informed about some of the diverse programs, services and events Cedars-Sinai organizes and supports, we produce Embracing our Community — a newsletter that shares tangible examples of our commitment.

To read recent issues in PDF format, click on these links:

Winter 2019  

  • Heart Health and Haircuts: Barbershop Study Helps Lower Blood Pressure in African-American Men
  • Step and Sweat Walking Program for Parents

Summer 2018  

  • From Homelessness to Healing
  • A Slam Dunk for Healthier Communities

Fall 2017  

  • Partners in Health: Portraits of Cedars-Sinai's robust network of community partners
  • Block by Block: COACH for Kids

Spring 2017  

  • Brave and Resilient: A Cedars-Sinai Grant Helps Undocumented Migrant Children and Teens Overcome Trauma
  • A Stronger Safety Net

Fall 2016  

  • Strength to Break the Chain: Cedars-Sinai Helps LGBT Center STOP Domestic Violence
  • A Good Fit: PE Training for Teachers

Winter 2016  

  • Smiles Say It All
  • Cedars-Sinai Helps New Teachers Reduce Stress

Summer 2015

  • Nutrition in the Classroom, Healthy Habits at Home
  • The Beauty of Rebirth

Spring 2015

  • A World in Focus for Teens
  • Healthy Habits Catching On

Summer 2014

  • Two Decades of Taking Care to Those Who Need It Most
  • Job Shadowing Gives Students a Chance to Shine

Spring 2014

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Take Journey to Wellness, Find Renewed Hope
  • 33 Years After Tragedy, Trauma Program Endures

Fall 2013

  • Strengthening the Community Through Grants
  • Opening Doors for At Risk Teens

Summer 2013

  • Driving the Extra Mile With COACH For Kids and Their Families®
  • West Hollywood Health Fair Is Vital for the Vulnerable

Spring 2013

  • Anti-Obesity Effort Goes Year-Round: Helping Children Get an Early Start on Healthy Habits
  • Boosting Quality of Life for Seniors through Health Education and Screenings

Fall 2012

  • In the Schools: Teaching the ABCs of Good Health
  • Partnering with AME Church to Bring Health Services to Disadvantaged

Winter 2012

  • Support for Cancer Survivors: Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Senior Screenings: Focus on Diabetes and Heart Health

  Summer 2011

  • Be Healthy, Be Strong!  COACH for Kids Health Fair Hits the Playground Running
  • Nurse Teams Create Close Connections in the Community

Winter 2011

  • Program Helps Teens Understand Triggers that can Lead to Substance Abuse
  • Persian Jewish Genetic Screening Program Offers Possibility of Eradicating Four Hereditary Diseases

Summer 2010

  • Surgeons for a Day: Brainworks Event Cultivates Interest in Medicine
  • Head Start on Good Health: Focusing on Preschoolers and their Parents 

Winter 2010

  • Art for Therapy’s Sake
  • Fighting Diabetes through Patient Education