Training & Curriculum

View training schedules for years one through three of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program.


  • Weekly maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) lecture/multi-interdisciplinary lectures
  • Weekly genetic conference with John Williams III, MD
  • First and third week Maternal-Fetal Care Unit-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit conference
  • Monthly journal club with a MFM faculty member
  • Monthly journal club with Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, PhD
  • Monthly obstetrics anesthesia conference
  • Monthly ultrasound case conference
  • Monthly multidepartmental infectious disease conference


Fellows have approximately 20 dedicated months set aside for research endeavors, which equates to approximately 55 percent of their time in the program. Research block time is planned individually based on type of interest and maturity of the research plan. The program director is responsible for the formal research assignment. Our newly implemented internal regulations require that within the first six months of fellowship at Cedars-Sinai, new fellows are introduced to all active research activities in the division. During that time, and with the input and mentorship of the program director, fellows are expected to select a research focus and mentor. The research mentor is expected to meet weekly with fellows during their research months to closely follow, guide and encourage an active and vigorous investigative effort.

The research development curriculum, including mentorship and personnel support, provides fellows with training/experience in:

  • Institutional Review Board training
  • Grant writing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Quantitative techniques/epidemiology/study design
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Thesis presentation/defense
  • Oral presentations and lectures