Mission Statement

The mission of the Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Scientist Program is to:

Mentor graduates with doctoral degrees, drawn from a wide range of scientific and biomedical disciplines, with the goal of furthering and optimizing their career prospects according to their unique interests and talents

Educate maturing scientists about the critical importance of creative thinking, rigorous scientific method and ethical conduct in the successful practice of research

Program Objectives

  • Integrate new postdoctoral scientists into the program and assist them in finding supportive networks of peers and mentors
  • Nurture a "Postdoc Society" run "by postdocs for postdocs", that organizes regular gatherings of postdoctoral scientists to facilitate scientific and social interactions
  • Follow best-practices for the mentoring of postdoctoral scientists through policies and procedures, and support faculty in their role as postdoctoral scientist mentors
  • Partner with postdoctoral scientist mentors to create an individual development plan for each postdoctoral scientist and monitor these by annual appraisals
  • Cultivate skills critical for the successful practice of research and effective communication of scientific ideas and outcomes through interactive meetings with peers and faculty
  • Provide resources and guidance to assist in the advancement of postdoctoral scientists into optimal academic, government, industry or other professional appointments
  • Conduct a career-tracking program to document the trajectory of postdoctoral scientists through the training period and on to appointments beyond employment at Cedars-Sinai