Important Dates

On the first day, all research interns attend a mandatory full day of orientation, which includes general orientation to the medical center and lab safety. The selection and administrative process may take up to two months, and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early and no later than eight weeks before the desired start date (orientation date). To help with your planning, below are the scheduled orientation dates.


Jan. 14 July 16
Feb. 12 Aug. 13
March 12 Sept. 10
April 9 Oct. 15
May 7 and 21 Nov. 12
June 11 and 25 Dec. 17

Programmatic Events

All participants in the Research Internship Program must attend mandatory learning events such as lunchtime learning, networking activities and Poster Day. Dates and logistical details are shared during orientation.

Poster Day participants:

2017 Research Internship Program Participant List (PDF)  

2016 Research Internship Program Participant List (PDF)  

2015 Research Internship Program Participant List (PDF)