Frequently Asked Questions


If I elect to indicate my bills for services are covered by the Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Policy, does it require me to provide the same level of Financial Assistance for my services to patients as the level of financial assistance the hospital grants?

Yes. Please note the hospital must approve patient eligibility for Financial Assistance.


How does the Medical Center approve a patient for Financial Assistance?

If the patient has not already been approved, the patient would submit an application to Patient Financial Services. Please refer them to the Medical Center website or call Patient Financial Services Customer Service at (323) 866-8600.


Where will the lists of covered and non-covered providers be located?

As required by the IRS rules, the list will be posted on our Cedars-Sinai website. Hard copies will be made available upon request from patients.


Am I able to change my status at a later date?

Yes. Providers wanting to change their status should log into the system and make a new election.


What happens if I do not complete the Election Form by the due date indicated?

If the form is not completed we will assume that you do not wish to indicate you are covered by the Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Policy. Your name will be published as a non-covered provider or provider group.

Please direct any further questions regarding this request to Rick Lash, Sr. Consultant, CRI at (323) 866-8563 or via e-mail at