Cedars-Sinai Alumni Association

The mission of the Cedars-Sinai Alumni Association is to:

  • Maintain a connection among housestaff and alumni, locally and nationwide, and promote ongoing affiliations
  • Assist in the education of housestaff through lectures and other activities
  • Arrange monthly cultural and social lectures for alumni members, medical staff, housestaff and the general public

The Cedars-Sinai Alumni Association (CSAA), more than 50 years old, was formed to maintain a bond and foster ongoing relationships between past and present medical staff, residents, fellowship candidates and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The group has a wide range of activities for members including an annual business meeting and dinner, an annual resident versus attending basketball game, and honors one or two outstanding alumni each year. The association also hosts social and educational events to maintain the bonds between alumni of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In 2009, the Association began conducting a monthly cultural event for the medical staff and general public. These events include interaction between an expert on the subject matter and the audience.

Alumni Offers: 2012:

  • President, Mehran J. Khorsandi, MD
  • Treasure, Ram Dandillaya, MD
  • Associate Treasurer, Sherwin Eshaghian, MD
  • Secretary, Dorothy Lowe
  • Events Director, Yzhar Charuzi, MD
  • Special Advisor, Howard Allen, MD

2012 Events

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the "Mozart Effective" (January)

2011 Events

  • Screening of The Heroes of Telemark and discussion with Dr. Eugene Flaum (February)
  • Screening of Eight Below and discussion with Theresa Henderson, MD (April)
  • Housestaff vs Attending Staff Annual Softball Game
  • Screening of Gaby and discussion with Nancy Niparko, MD (May)
  • Housestaff Blues vs Attending Staff Gomers Annual Basketball Game (May )
  • Maria Callas, the Diva of Divas (June)
  • Paranormal Phenomena and its Relationship to Music (July)
  • In Person:  Paul Mazursky (August)
  • On Dreams and Sleep (September)
  • Holloywood and its  Silent Film Era (October)
  • Atoms, Einstein and the Universe (November)
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven, Deafness and Creativity (November)

2010 Events

  • A Tribute to Vienna and Gustav and Alma Mahler (January)
  • "The Insider" with Michael Mann (February)
  • "A Song to Remember" tribute to Frederic Chopin (March)
  • Clinical Applications of Hynosis with Michael Yapko, PhD (April)
  • Housestaff Blues vs Attending Staff Gomers Annual Basketball Game (May )
  • From Pasteur to Purell (June)
  • Argentina and the Screening of "Tango" (July)
  • The Many Faces of Japan (August)
  • Leadership and Life Strategies with Flora Zomorodi, PsyD (September)
  • An Evening With Cantor Lam (November) 

2009 Events

  • The Life and Legacy of Luciano Pavarotti with Professor Walter Arlen (January )
  • "When Nietzche Wept" with Pinchas Perry, screenwriter/director (February)
  • A tribute to Luciano Pavarotti (March)
  • "Enemies: A Love Story" with Paul Mazursky (April)
  • Barbara Markell/Howard Wilner Memorial Breakfast (April)
  • Housestaff Blues vs Attending Staff Gomers Annual Basketball Game (May )
  • The History of Medicine with Nouri Parhami, MD, FACP, FACR and Adrienne Youdim, MD (June)
  • "Farinelli," with Professor Walter Arlen and Dudley Danoff, MD (July)
  • Orfeu Negro/Black Orpheus" with Honorable Ambassador Jose Alfredo Graca Lim (Los Angeles Consul-General of Brazil) and Sergio Mielniczenk (August)
  • Buster Keaton's "The Cameraman" with Roger Mayer (September)
  • Cantor Nathan Lam and friends, "From the Shtetel to Broadway" (October)
  • "The Komediant (Comedian)" with Mike Burstyn (November)
  • Housestaff vs Attending Staff Annual Softball Game