Reentry Program

Increasing numbers of physicians are confronted with the problem of obtaining hospital staff privileges after extended absences from the practice of clinical medicine.

These physicians have been away from clinical medicine:

  • To start a family
  • Due to personal illness
  • To care for an ill family member
  • To pursue business opportunities
  • To retire and now wish to reenter practice
  • Who have changed their practice pattern to an office-based practice but still want to maintain full hospital privileges
  • Who employ hospitalists and whose hospital privileges have lapsed
  • To engage in an extended period of medical research

There are very few options for retraining and clinical reentry for the physician who has been denied hospital staff privileges because of an extended period away from the practice of clinical medicine.

Although several reentry programs are available, none has the resources, diversity of practice, reputation or clinical volume of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The Medical Center, recently confronted with an increasing need for a reentry program for its own staff applicants, has developed an academically rigorous physician reentry program.

Credentials committees have the obligation to assure the public that physicians who are granted staff privileges have evidence of current clinical competence. Because of extended absences from practice or changes in practice patterns, a physician may be denied staff privileges because of failure to demonstrate such current activity.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Physician Reentry Program provides hospital credentialing committees with a convenient pathway to help reinstate physicians who have been denied privileges. The Reentry Program designs a course of participatory study that is intended to fulfill the specific needs of the reentering physician's planned practice.

Tuition and Fees

Monthly tuition fees apply depending on the specialty and length of the program.

Each hospital has its own criteria for staff appointment. Please check with your hospital to see if the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Reentry Program will fulfill needed application requirements. The final decision for staff appointment rests with each individual hospital.

Ten Step Physician Reentry Process

1. Referral
2. Application
3. Entry Interview
4. Departmental Review
5. Appointment
6. Assignment of Reentry Supervisor
7. Clinical Preceptorship
8. Monthly Evaluation
9. Clinical Presentations
10. Exit Interview

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