Cedars-Sinai Health Associates

Cedars-Sinai Health Associates

CSHA is a network of individual physicians within private practice offices located throughout Los Angeles, which is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Health System. CSHA is an Independent Physician Association (IPA) that allows community physicians access to many health plans contract to accommodate your contracting needs. Cedars-Sinai Health Associates has more than 90 primary care physicians and 500 specialists available within its network.

A Top-Performing Independent Physicians Association

CSHA is consistently recognized by the Integrated Healthcare Associates (IHA) as a Top-Performing IPA. We rank among the best in California for our clinical quality care, patient experience and satisfaction, and information technology adoption.

For more information on joining Cedars-Sinai Health Associates as a community physician, please contact 310-385-6037.

If you are a current Cedars-Sinai Health Associates (CSHA) physician, you can access the site here.