Options for Those Without Coverage

I Don't Have Health Insurance

If you felt that you couldn’t qualify for coverage or couldn’t afford health insurance in the past, things may have changed due to the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny you coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Also, subsidies may be available through the Covered California health insurance exchange to those who meet income qualifications.

Finally, eligibility requirements for government programs such as Medicare and Medi-Cal are expanding. Please contact Medicare and Medi-Cal if you think you may qualify.

If you don’t currently have health insurance, you may need to purchase a policy on your own or through your work in order to avoid government penalties.

If you'd like to be covered for care from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and our physicians, click here to explore your options.

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I Get Health Insurance Through My Employer

I Buy Health Insurance On My Own

I Am Eligible for Medicare

I Am Eligible for Medi-Cal

I Am Eligible for BOTH Medicare and Medi-Cal

I Don’t Have Health Insurance