Emerging from the Haze ("Chemobrain" Rehabilitation Program)

Patients with cancer who are undergoing treatment may notice problems with memory, concentration, word-finding, or multi-tasking. While many patients improve after treatment has ended, some cancer survivors may continue to have problems for months or years after treatment has ended.

The term "chemobrain" is often used to describe a wide variety of mental changes noticed during and after cancer treatment. "Chemobrain" has its limitations because many factors other than chemotherapy may impact cognition including medication side effects, anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic stress, insomnia, nutritional factors, and hormonal changes.

Emerging from the Haze™ was created in collaboration with the Neuropsychology Service through the Department of Rehabilitation to help empower cancer patients and survivors to take a proactive approach to combating this problem. Prior to enrollment, some patients may benefit from a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment to help identify particular areas of difficulty that relate to cognition.

Emerging from the Haze is a 6 week psycho-educational series to help cancer patients cope with the symptoms of 'chemobrain'.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Attention, memory, and problem-solving strategies
  • Sleep, exercise, and nutrition for optimal brain function
  • Relaxation and stress management techniques
  • Mood management
  • Pacing and  finding balance

To schedule an appointment or to refer a patient, please call 310-423-2111.