Conditions and Treatments

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has earned a reputation as one of the most successful transplant facilities in the world. Today it supports fully integrated surgery for lung, heart, liver, kidney  and kidney/pancreas transplantation. Each program is grounded in a patient-centered philosophy that places a high priority on individualized diagnostic and treatment services. Patients admitted to these exceptional programs find a universally compassionate environment that embraces and encourages the supportive role of loved ones and referring physicians.

An important part of the Comprehensive Transplant Center is our Immunology and Immunogenics Laboratory, which conducts wide-ranging research into organ rejection - many projects funded by the National Institutes of Health - as it also screens and cross-matches tissues for each transplant patient in our care. Our research scientists and physicians, many of whom have contributed several "firsts" in their fields, remain committed to staying at the forefront of investigative developments to ensure that Cedars-Sinai continues to meet and exceed the highest standards of patient care and medical outcomes.