Transplantation of a Kidney

Surgeons of the Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program have successfully performed highly complex transplants on patients from one year old to age 75. Since 1966, Cedars-Sinai has performed more than 1,500 kidney transplants, with an average of 225 transplants per year performed in the last three years. The Pediatric Kidney Transplant program was established in 1988 and today, an average of six pediatric renal transplants are performed annually.

Available services include the transplant of kidneys from related and unrelated living donors as well as from deceased donors. The Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program also offers immunotherapy for highly sensitized patients who would otherwise not be candidates for a kidney transplant.

The surgical approach at Cedars-Sinai provides for both a vascular surgeon and a urologic surgeon working as a team to perform each kidney transplant. This promotes superlative care and superior outcomes for patients. On the donor side, surgeons offer deep expertise and high rates of success using donor kidneys with multiple vessels, a more complicated procedure.