Epilepsy Program Patients

The Cedars-Sinai Epilepsy Program understands that epilepsy is a challenging condition. This section is designed to help patients and families better understand epilepsy, so they can make more informed decisions and participate in their recovery.

How to Help a Person Having a Seizure

If someone is having a seizure, try to help the person lay down, instead of allowing them to fall. Once on the floor, turn the person onto either side, to help keep the airway clear.

Then put something flat and soft, such as a folded jacket or blanket under the person's head. Loosen ties, collars or anything around the neck to make breathing easier.

DO NOT place anything in his/her mouth. A person having a seizure CANNOT and will not swallow his/her tongue.

If a seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.

Precautions for Seizure Patients

People who have had seizures should avoid:

  • Driving
  • Climbing to high places
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Taking baths
  • Using the front burners on stoves

Keep an up-to-date list of medications, as well as any dietary supplements.

DO NOT change medication dosage without consulting a physician and DO NOT stop taking anti-epileptic medication abruptly.

For additional information, a second opinion, to make an appointment or refer a patient, please call 310-310-423-6472 or email us at neuro@cshs.org.