24-Hour Esophageal pH Study

A 24-hour esophageal pH study measures how much stomach acid backs up into the food pipe in 24 hours. The most common uses for this gold standard test are:

  • To diagnose gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, a feeling of heartburn, pain and food coming back up)
  • For patients with other problems (such as atypical chest pain, recurring pneumonia or throat symptoms)
  • Pre- and post-treatment evaluation to determine if medication dosage is correct
  • For pre- and postsurgical heartburn
  • For non-cardiac chest pain

To prepare for the study:

    1. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. (If you are diabetic, please talk to your primary care doctor.)

    2. Do no use gum.

    3. Discontinue any acid suppressing medication 5 days before your test unless as instructed by your physician. 

    4. Ask your physician about taking other scheduled medications. 

    5. Please make arrangements to bring your PH monitor back 24 hours after the catheter is placed.