Healthcare Ethics

Established in 1995, the Center for Healthcare Ethics serves as the hub for various clinical, educational, and research-related activities directed towards recognizing and addressing ethical issues at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The central orientation of all its programming is to address ethical issues as they are actually presented and encountered within the clinical and research contexts.

Guided by the Center's Director, Stuart G. Finder, PhD, the Center engages in four principal activities:

Of secondary import, the Center for Healthcare Ethics also engages in scholarly exploration of the ethical values and moral dynamics characterizing and influencing healthcare and healthcare research.

Clinical Ethics Consultation

clinical ethics consultation services

Ethical decision-making assistance

The Clinical Ethics Consultation Services is the clinical service arm of the Center for Healthcare Ethics.

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Advance Directives

medical care decisions

Your healthcare decisions

You have the right to make decision about your healthcare including the right to accept or refuse treatment.

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Ethics Newsletter

center for healthcare ethics newsletter

Connecting you to news & events

The Center for Healthcare Ethics newsletter is published three times each year.

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Educational Opportunities

educational opportunities for those interested in healthcare ethics

Ethics Noon Conference & More

Educating healthcare professionals, healthcare students, students from non-healthcare disciplines.

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