In January 2009, three new pieces of legislation related to end-of-life care, which touch upon physician practice, went into effect in California. All three share the aim of improving ways in which patients are cared for as they approach, and finally reach, the end of lives. Click on each to access "Frequently Asked Questions" to learn more.

  • AB 2565 - The "Accommodations & Brain Death" Act  
  • AB 2747 - The "Right to Know End-of-Life Options" Act
  • AB 3000 - Physicians Order for Life Treatment (POLST)

CSMC Promotes a GIFT-FREE Environment

Effective April 1, 2009, CSMC implemented a new policy, "Gifts, Entertainment, and Other Gratuities Offered by vendors and Industry Representatives," the aim of which is to create a gift-free environment.

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