Educational Opportunities

Educating healthcare professionals, healthcare students, students from non-healthcare disciplines interested in exploring the ethical dimensions of healthcare, and members of the community at large is a core part of the Center for Healthcare Ethics' mission. Such education serves not only to raise awareness of crucial ethical issues and considerations associated with healthcare practices, healthcare delivery systems, and broader societal dynamics which can shape the values linked to how health, illness, and patient care are understood, but more importantly, it helps promote and enable morally appropriate and sensitive patient care.

The Center offers a variety of courses, conference, lectures, and other sessions geared for creating an educated community and citizenry. Below is a list of educational programs and is open to participants as indicated:

Current Educational Programs:

  • Ethics Noon Lecture - CME: 1 credit
    (Click here for more information)
  • Ethics Forum:
    This is a bi-monthly session, open to all Cedars-Sinai staff and is held on the last Wednesday of the odd months from 12:00pm-1:00pm. The forum serves as an occasion for critical exploration of the breadth of ethical issues and dynamics associated with the daily practices of patient care. If you would like more information, please contact the Center.
  • Ethics Seminar:
    This monthly session is open to all Cedars-Sinai staff and is an occasion for in depth exploration of critical questions associated with healthcare ethics in an intimate, seminar-style classroom setting. It's focus is to foster critical reflection on the nature and meaning of core values and commitments entailed in healthcare practices.
  • Neonatology Ethics Session:
    This is a regular monthly meeting conducted by the Division of Neonatology. It is designed to address issues and considerations specific to patient care within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This meeting is limited to the members of the NICU faculty & staff.
  • SICU Residents Clinical Ethics Conference:
    This is a bi-monthly meeting that is part of an educational series for House Staff and Fellows during their Surgical Intensive Care Unit rotation. The meeting is limited to the members mentioned above.
  • American Jewish University (AJU) Case Studies in Ethics:
    Exclusively for upper level AJU students, this is a required undergraduate course in completing a major in the Department of Bioethics and Natural Science.
  • ICU Ethics Roundtables:
    The ICU Ethics Roundtable is a bi-weekly, multi-diciplinary forum to address ethical and/or moral issues and concerns, critical skill sets, communication strategies, and challenging situations that emerge in the ICU.  The content of each session reflects real-time experiences and issues that arise in caring for patients, families, and our colleagues, and the Roundtable provides a space to raise questions, de-brief from stressful events, and learn from and with colleagues.