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Stuart G. Finder, PhD

Stuart G. Finder, PhD, joined the faculty of Cedars-Sinai to become director of the Center for Healthcare Ethics in July 2007.

Clinically, he is one of Cedars-Sinai's clinical ethics consultants and a member and co-chair of the Cedars-Sinai Bioethics Committee. Academically, he holds appointments in the UCLA School of Medicine and the American University of Judaism. As a clinician, a teacher and a researcher, Finder is interested in exploring the complexity and implications of moral experiences as actualized in healthcare contexts. This includes the entire spectrum of the healthcare arena, from patient care to clinical and basic sciences research.

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Virginia L. Bartlett, PhD 

Virginia joined the faculty of Cedars-Sinai to become assistant director for the Center for Healthcare Ethics in August 2010. Along with her directorial duties, she is also one Cedars-Sinai's clinical ethics consultants.

Her primary interests and responsibilities focus on helping patients, families and care providers identify and address the complex moral concerns that emerge in healthcare settings through clinical ethics consultations. She also integrates questions about moral experience and clinical ethics practices into themes and programs for ethics education. Currently, she is researching how ethics consultations are understood and utilized by patients, families and healthcare providers.

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Kenneth Leeds, MD 

Kenneth is the associate director for the Center for Healthcare Ethics and is a clinical ethics consultant at Cedars-Sinai. He has been an active member of the Cedars-Sinai Bioethics Committee for the past 18 years and served as co-chair for three of those years.

Dr. Leeds is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ears, nose, throat) who was in private practice in Beverly Hills for more than 35 years. Now, as a clinical ethics consultant, Dr. Leeds is interested in helping patients, their families, friends and care providers address and work through ethical dilemmas and moral distress that may arise in caring for the patient.

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Andy Kondrat, PhD 

Andy joined the faculty of Cedars-Sinai in July 2017. Prior to coming to Cedars-Sinai, Andy was a member of the Donnelley Ethics Program at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly RIC) in Chicago.

In clinical practice and academic research, Andy is interested in the experiences of moral distress in healthcare professionals, especially in regard to how the process of shared decision-making between provider and patient can resolve instances of moral distress, and how healthcare organizations can adequately address those experiences. He also is attempting to understand how clinicians and researchers can overcome barriers to meaningful informed consent in their patients and subjects.

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