Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Healthcare Ethics is to provide leadership at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center regarding the ethical dimensions of healthcare and healthcare delivery as well as to serve as a readily identifiable and accessible institutional focal point for addressing ethical issues at all levels of practice. Of primary importance is direct clinical and institutional services, in light of which the Center engages in four principal activities:

  • ethics consultation;
  • educational for faculty and staff, students, and others within the Cedars-Sinai Community;
  • participation on institutional committees, task force, etc.;
  • policy formation or revision.

Of secondary import, the Center for Healthcare Ethics also engages in scholarly exploration of the ethical values and moral dynamics characterizing and influencing healthcare and healthcare research.

All of the Center for Healthcare Ethics endeavors are guided by a deep appreciation of the diversity of values and convictions presented within the healthcare context, and as such, the Center for Healthcare Ethics is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration. The Center for Healthcare Ethics is also committed to the continuous dissemination of good ethical practices and the implementation of policies and procedures in the observance of such practice. Accordingly, the Center for Healthcare Ethics actively works to assist Cedar's-Sinai's faculty and staffs to identify, clarify, and articulate the range of ethical considerations associated with their many responsibilities as related to direct patient care, the education of future healthcare providers, and health research related activities.