Aortic Program - For Patients

Support for Patients With Aortic Disease

Patients with aortic disease and patients who are preparing for surgery have a lot of information to absorb.  The following links provide useful information for new and existing patients:

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an aortic disease specialist, click here. The general procedure for becoming a patient at the Aortic Program is as follows:

  • Patients may self-refer or be referred by their cardiologist and/or personal physician.  
  • On the initial visit, patients are seen by an aortic nurse practitioner who will refer the patient for a follow-up visit with one of the aortic specialists. 
  • After the initial consultation and the imaging procedures have been completed, the need for additional exams or imaging will be assessed.  Surgery may be scheduled at this time.
  • A cardiologist is always involved before surgery or when any other procedure is performed on the patient. The cardiologist may be the one following the patient's aortic condition.
  • Post-surgical follow-up care may be provided by your cardiologist and/or with your surgeon.